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Safety Management and Following the Safety Compliance This production of safe work environment has been widely developed hugely that results to a very regular legislative requirement that an organization must use and improve well dealing with the safety work and this can be very profitable too. Firms are very in particular to the operation on a much global scale that are seen with the economic and management of the benefits in moving a specific solution and getting a wide and safety management system. Firms operating within the US are bound by the different provisions of the Occupational Safety as well as the Health Administration and regulations so set out the various guidelines and the Health Act. This act will need that all employers covered on that Act gives a safe and hazard free work place and work, in complying with the various standards on the much given act. It enables the US Department of Labor to be able to undergo the inspection and give penalties on the different violation of the act, there are over 2000 nationwide inspectors in over 200 offices in the nation, that are all tasked with giving a technical and investigative support to ensure and fulfill the compliance of each act.
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To add the systems are specific with the different department that mainly focus on the direct areas in the given Act like the waste management, incident tracking and the air emissions management. In cases they are all resulting to the implementation of the system on a site by site basis, without regarding for a cohesive and wide application. The international collaboration was then designed to be able to address the confusion and the various fragment of the global health and the system by creating a single approach.
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This global initiative are embracing the environmental health and safety issues beyond the compliance, it is increasing seen a risk management issue resulting the systems in widely developed and implemented in a much wider range. With the greater globalization firms this are now being translated into a global wide systems that are combined and reported in issues on an international level. It is no longer accepted as it is sufficient for the EH&S systems to be able to work independently in other business management kind of system. In finality to ensure an effective risk management and comprehensive compliance while retaining the image in the global market, the firms are designed well from the ground up with the input of a relevant line managers to make sure of a complex and widely accepted application and system. Flexibility and the accessibility can be important to make sure of the effective enterprise wide in reporting a key personnel.

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