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How to Do a Well-Written Article It’s fun to do article writing. But you can also earn a good income if especially when you post these articles in the internet. However, in order for an online article to earn well, it has to be well written. And well-written does not simply mean a correct English grammar. It must also be original and not plagiarized. Here are some tips for writing a good article: Think
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A good article springs from a good topic. Give yourself time to think of a good subject for your article. It is best if you choose subjects which you yourself find interesting. Then try to think of all the things that you want to cover in your article. Create an outline for these topics.
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Come up with a catchy title When you’re done figuring out what you’ll write about, you can start to choose a good title. The title is a very important part of the article as it will be the one that gets the attention of the reader. The title is the reader’s preview as to what the entire article is going to be about. Come up with questions As you build around the topic, you can come up with different questions which you might want to answer in your article. Start Writing Once you have all the preparations settled, you can immediately begin to write. Follow your outline but don’t hinder the flow of your ideas. You can always proofread and do a free spell and grammar check later on. Polish your article As soon as you’re finished, avoid publishing your article immediately. You have to check if everything is in order. Reread the article and make sure there aren’t any glitches. Use a free plagiarism and grammar checker to make sure that your article can pass the quality control in the internet. Ask someone to check your article One good way for you to find out if you wrote a good article is if you ask someone else to check it for you. Allow yourself to be criticised on the voice that you use, the tone of your article and the overall impact of what you’ve written. This gives you the opportunity to find out if there are areas which you have to improve on. This does not simply improve your article but also develops your entire writing skill. Your article is ready for submission once you’re done incorporating all the corrections and suggestions. The response of the readers would indicate whether the article is actually good. So try to observe how the readers respond to your article. Figure out what the problems are and improve on them when you write your next articles.

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