How Much Is WOW

World of Warcraft was released on November 23, 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It really is one of the most popular MMORPGs in the market. WOW is played either in a limited free-to-play mode or in an unlimited subscription based mode for a monthly fee. The free-to-play mode is known as the “Starter Edition”. Either mode necessitates avid gamers to have an internet connection of some sort. I really need to mention that when you want to play your character to level 85, you’ll surely spend some money. The game is very addicting. I happen to be playing this game since April 2005. We are going to talk about what it takes in order to play in Warcraft.

The Starter Edition of Warcraft is free to download. Participants can play without a fee in this edition, but you will discover many limitations. Players is not going to suffer the limitations until they reached level cap of 20. Free-to-play players can only get a small amount of WOW gold and are unable to enter the auction house, send mail or join guilds. Even they cannot whisper to other players unless other players whisper to them first. The restrictions are annoying. You can find one good thing to know. If players buy a subscription, the Starter Edition characters are kept. With the purchase, the characters can rise to higher levels and participate normal game activities. The level cap it is possible to achieve depends on what game you purchase. There are actually three expansions available for players and each has a level cap.

As I mentioned, the core WOW content is free-to-play. The Starter Edition does not require an initial purchase to access. However, the expansions to basic WOW content require a purchase. Avid gamers can buy “World of Warcraft” and “The Burning Crusade” together for $19.99USD. They are really the first expansion of Warcraft released on January 16, 2007. The second expansion “Wrath of the Lich King” was released on November 13, 2008. Players can get it for $29.99 USD. The third expansion Cataclysm was released on Decomber 7, 2010. It sells for $39.99USD. The fourth expansion was announced on October 21, 2011. It is said to be released at the end of 2012 and get be available for the same price with Cataclysm.

There are some additional costs of the game play. For example, Players need to pay money for further subscription to WOW and pay money to buy cheap WOW gold in order to win battles. Sometimes, players buy WOW account because they desire to start from a high level. Some other services for WOW are available with money.

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