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The new RIM BlackBerry curve 8520 has got with it some great things and some average ones as well. So if you want to take a look at the curve 8520 you will have to check out the features and the functions along with the performance. RIM believes in providing the best to its users who are honest consumers and love to check out newer models with something new and advanced featured in the next model. The BlackBerry mobile have now taken the task of providing new and futuristic ideas to their new models like the company’s iconic mini trackball is now converted to a track pad as it is more convenient and easy to use.

Blackberry is coming up with its new handset Blackberry Curve 8520 which is equipped with high quality features. It has always worked really hard to provide users with innovative thinking that results in the handsets. Within a short period of time, it has been able to win peoples hearts and they trust it for its quality. Nowadays, users cannot be satisfied with the handset but mobile phone deals also play an important role. And the combination of handset with Blackberry Curve 8520 deals cannot be missed.

Talking about various deals in the market, one has to be careful to take a step forward for going to any of them. Mobile phone deals include pay as you go deals, contract deals and Sim free deals. For pay as you go deals, users have to pay advance payments which also help them to take care of the amount being spent. Contract deals require signing a contract for a specific period of time with monthly payments.

Apart from that, Sim free deals give one the freedom of inserting a SIM card of your choice and the selection of network provider. Blackberry Curve 8520 has got 2.46 inches TFT screen which gives quality display of 320 x 240 pixels. One can imagine the wonderful viewing experience with this wide screen. Its QWERTY keypad along with optical track pad helps to a great deal in smooth movement of typing text messages.

There is a chance of winning free gifts with this handset through exciting Blackberry Curve 8520 deals that can prove to be highly profitable. These deals are available with almost all network providers like Virgin, T mobile, 3, Vodafone and O2. They usually come up with latest offers and schemes to attract users which will end in good sales. Users can compare different deals through various options on websites. Some of the best offers include winning valuable gifts such as LCD TV. Blackberry Curve 8520 is leading mobile market with its capability to support all GSM networks which can also support t GPRS, EDGE for high-speed Internet access. 2 mega pixel camera provides high quality images. Other features include expendable memory 0f 32 GB, pre-loaded HTML browser and multimedia player, which are as important as others to make it an advantageous handset.

The BlackBerry is an entry level RIM mobile that runs efficiently on the BlackBerry OS. It has several powerful functions that you will find interesting like the push mail which is very convenient to use and the dedicated multimedia keys. There is no doubt about the performance as it is quite efficient and smooth. But yes, it does not come with 3G, which is so popular these days and one simply cannot stay without 3G connectivity. Nevertheless, the speed is great and you get faster browsing experience which compensates for the drawbacks. The handset comes with dedicated multimedia keys and one touch mute button. It supports BlackBerry App world so that users can download apps and install as well.

You can say that the 8520 is a mixed bag in terms of connectivity features because on one hand the company provides Wi-Fi for faster browsing and on the other hand there is no 3G connectivity. But users should not be disappointed as there is Wi-Fi connectivity. The screen size may seem a little smaller as it is just 2.48 inches and has a physical keyboard without touchscreen facility. The black color suits the business users and weighs just 106 grams. The screen resolutions found are 320 x 240, which is quite decent if not great.

If you love to click every moment Me will be a bit disappointed as the mobile comes with just 2 mega pixels and even the shots are not complete with details. However, if you are outdoors you will definitely get good pictures, but otherwise it is just okay. It lacks a flash and even the auto focus which is simply disappointing. Nevertheless you can still capture your special moments in bright light. BlackBerry has a good history of providing good battery life for all their models and this model is no different. After fully charged you get around three days of usage that you can use for calls, browsing and emailing. So that means you will always stay connected.

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Can be a important component to make Warcraft gold. You need precious metal to learn new skills, learn how to ride, to buy brackets and to buy gemstones and enchants for your gear. Participants think that earning precious metal costs a lot of your time. They are wrong to consider so. Producing gold does not have to cost a lot of moment. Auction house is the better location to earn gold fast.

A period consuming method to earn gold is always to kill monsters frequently. When you decided to do search for earn money, you must learn how to choose missions. There are many quests you may make to make a profit. Some of them give excellent rewards a number of them are time-consuming. If you want to create a lot of money in a short time, you need to choose the missions that gives plenty of rewards and they are completed in a while.

Over the internet which Stratholme is a great instance for making gold very easily. No matter what class you take, you are able to complete this pursuit. The rewards you get will sell with regard to 5-9 gold items. Plus, it will be possible to obtain experience points. At the beginning of your game playing, you need to take some occupations and level up the professions.

If you are hvordan at midlevel, you can use the careers to make a large amount of gold. Careers can several raw materials to be able to utilize them to level up your skills and also gain abilities.

Fishing is an excellent profession that can make you a lot of platinum. You don’t need to make a lots of effort to species of fish. Fishing turns out to be boring so I usually watch a show while I seafood. You don’t have to concentrate on sportfishing, just click to cast then click on the lure once you hear requirements. With all the methods to earn gold, a person don’t have to acquire cheap WOW gold any more. I am hoping every player can get gold in a safe way.

You need to want to gain levels when you start to try out WOW. Several players have a similar thing in the thought process when they join the World of Warcraft. The sport becomes more interesting because of progressing. Most of gamers have spent months of the time grinding for amounts before they get to some high level. If you have leveled to the maximum stage in WOW, you can enjoy the more pleasurable. You cannot be capable to indulge in advanced dungeons before you level up your own character to the indicated level.

In the advanced dungeons, you possibly can make more WOW gold through quests and get much more rewards from the quests. While you are funning rezzou instances in the high level areas, you can get powerful gears. By using the grinding method to gain levels, it seems like long and intimidating to level up to be able to level 80. However it will seem easy if you use the actual WOW ranking up addon. This is a new tool to help players enhance.

The brand new players might take a month time for you to finish the task. If you need to enhance at a quickly speed you should have advice. WOW leveling guideline seems to be the one you require. But can it be really worthwhile? I would really like to convey out the things i was thinking about this problem. For new players, it can be difficult to find out the missions objectives. They frequently need a long time to determine what they should do so as to finish the job. This can be a time-consuming process. Whenever you proceed to a new location, you will spend time for you to figure out the environment.

Yet I would say that as much as right now, the In Game Leveling Addon is the best questing helper at least personally. A lot of the guide frequently produced for money not only for WOW players. They will only inform you your destinations and also objectives regarding qurests. However the addon will confirm the detailed steps to follow. You do have a clear idea of the quest you have used.

Numerous leveling could be a boring method in World of WOW. At any time, you are going to think about progressing. If you possibly can look for a tool that can help you degree fast, you should experience more fun. When you begin your character you need to pick the correct profession for it. You can get benefit from the professions within your later game play. The occupations can make you a large amount of Gold in WOW and also supplies. You may get some things that can be handy various other skills. You should also take your time to gain levels your professions as well.

Mining is different from other professions because you don’t have to invest your cash. However, you can generate lots of money simply by mining rare metals. Rare ores can be creates into jewelry, which you can sell in a high price inside the auction house. What you need to do is always to go and hans precious metals, smelt them and set them for sale. You can also sell a number of precious ores for tons of gold within the auction house directly.

First you have to gain levels your mining occupation before you can hans high level materials. There are several places to construct mining expertise. First, go to Durotar where you can find enough tin and copper ores. Tin and copper mineral ores respawn easily, that will help you obtain mine leveling quickly. South Barrens is a great place to buy mine tin.

Wow has become a game which has 10. 4 million subscribers. The number is still expanding. Burglars and hackers come with this popularity. There are lots of individuals who want to hack you and rob your own Wow account of all the gear and also gold. Hackers are able to use a variety of tactics to get involved with your. They could send you a good e-mail that seems like official Blizzard content to try to get you simply click a hyperlink, that may bring you to some page where you are encouraged to verify your details.

Like a Wow participant, you have to know how to protect your. I possess three ways to protect account. I would like to put them in this article, trying to15328 be helpful to you personally.

Safeguard Your Email

Your email address is the easiest way for a person to gain access to your current Wow account. Many individuals use free hosts like gmx, mailings or hotmail for e-mail demands. This is where the cyber criminals masquerade as a trustworthy place of business. You must not give out your e-mail address to anyone amongst people. World of Warcraft gold may be worth plenty to the cyber criminals.

The best way is to find an email-based that is authentic through battlenet, which can be Blizzards official site. You should never simply click a link that you see within an email, also it looks recognized.

Change Password Frequently

You must change the password of your Warcraft account frequently. It takes time to a hacker to get your password right. You don’t must change your pass word on a regular basis, nevertheless, you should change it out one or more times per month. It is important to keep in mind that you should never make use of the same password to your Wow account along with your e-mail account. It will twice your risk if both of your balances is hacked.

Amazing Official Authenticator

This can be the most efficient deterrent you receive against cyberpunks. You should spend seven dollars to attach an authenticator to your Wow bank account.

Many players like to get WOW gold with the professions specifically gathering professions. But is there any procedures it is possible to use to make WOW gold without professions? I can tell you that there are two main solutions to earn cash without professions. In addition to professions, you need to use cloth and armor to get money. You can test one of examination differ or you may try both. Both of them will help you make gold rapidly.

When you might be leveling up your character in World of Warcraft, you’ll manage to get some items and cloth from the dead animals. When you hit them they will drop cloth. You can actually collect the cloth and usage the cloth in your first aid. Tailoring will call for cloth too. There is another consumption of the cloth. You can actually sell the cloth in the auction house or at any vendor. But you should know that it could sell for more in the auction house. I won’t propose you to sell the cloth to the vendor.

If you happen to be going to the capital city you are able to sell the cloth there. You can take a peek at the gold creating guide before you sell. You’ll want to price your items below the lowest price. You need to also have a buyout price of your items. Strategy is very critical for the players. Collect stacks of cloth and sell them soon. You can expect to} never lack of WOW gold. You could spend more money on new armors and weapons. A good mounts is available before lone.

Another strategy to generate profits in WOW is to get armors. Can you run instance in World of Warcraft? If you like travelling and run instance you could kill many monsters. Which is called questing. Once you kill the monsters it is easy to get armors. One can find different styles of questing to do. If you can’t need the armor you get, you may sell it. You’ll be able to put your armor in another bag until you go to a capital city. You possibly can sell the armor for gold in the auction house.

You may keep doing it before you get to a higher level. You may be able to earn numerous gold with the armors. As you gears leveled up, you can have the ability to get high level armors. When you can follow the tips, you are unable to have to spend time to farm. You can both leveling up as well as making money. This can be the approach to make gold in WOW. One can find some other ways you are able to find in making money without professions. You should learn more and apply your knowledge in the game playing.

Gems at a high price will only be welcomed by rich players in World of Warcraft. Only he or she can afford the gems. Every player really wants to dress their weapons with gems. However, not everyone can easily afford the gem they want. If the price of gem is low, more gamers will buy it. There shall be a bigger market for jewelcrafters to make money.

When players want to get to the top of the game, they are able to have a good way to make money. WOW money is difficult to make as long as they are not aware of what to do. Some players plan to buy cheap WOW gold as they definitely have no time to spend in farming.

Increasing cash flow is important in life and business but without a plan of how to grow it, it’s not so important. Sometimes it’s a simple idea that keeps us in a good financial space.

A Mobile App seems to be far fetched to many marketers. It’s kind of like how marketing online was when it began to become popular. Everywhere you look, the net is overwhelmed with newbies starting with limited experience and some are actually doing pretty good.

When it comes to the mobile web, there are a few similar ideas to the internet that can be used to actually profit on the mobile web. Below I’ll be sharing a few ideas that can get you off and running on the mobile web.

Mobile Optimized SQUEEZE PAGES
Mobile contact forms are a great way to get basic contact info of interested prospects. These landing pages are naturally a lot smaller than the your everyday landing pages seen online. The purpose is basically the same but the software used to create mobile landing pages is quite a bit different.

Mobile Platform SPLASH PAGES
Mobile splash pages are another way to generate interest from savvy mobile surfers. Prospects who see these splash pages click through and eventually get to your mobile contact form page or other mobile page you re-direct them to.

Mobile profile pages like the ones used by IBO Toolbox associates are tops when it comes to mobile profile pages. These mobile profile pages make it possible for the mobile surfer to contact you by phone by clicking on your phone number. These pages also have product and opportunity links.

Mobile Platfrom PRESS RELEASES
Mobile press release pages and/or blogs are probably the best thing anybody can do to engage mobile savvy mobile. Tumblr and other similar platforms offer the ability for you to host all of your blog posts there. Here’s where you can include links to landing, splash pages and websites.

Mobile video pages hosted on the Tumblr gives the associate the ability to drive traffic via the mobile search engines. These pages also include links leading to off site mobile websites and sales pages.

The earning money part comes in when the initial mobile sites offer links to a mobile optimized transaction page. Secure mobile optimized transaction pages make is easier for the mobile surfer to make a buying decision immediately.

Any mobile marketer working on the mobile web can be mobile optimized in a matter of a few minutes. The longer a surfer is engaged with your mobile sites, the better changes you have of getting their contact information or a sale.

As simple as this sounds, it still takes work putting the process in order. For folks who are desirous of learning what it takes to get situated to profit on the mobile web, Mobile Marketing Training Academy is here to help.

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Best Automation Tools

All these things lead to the need of an effective and comprehensive automation tool which can help in testing the mobile application in a cost-effective manner. The real physical devices need a test automation tool which has the ability to integrate into the testing environment, full coverage, simple and quick to operate and can run the same test on many devices and mobile operating systems. The mobile application automation testing allows the customers to gain confidence that the mobile device will function as intended in the ecosystem. There are many test automation tools which allow the developers to identify the salient application issues and reduce the Quality Assurance time and cost of testing. Here are some automation tools which can be used for mobile application testing.

See Test

This is a test automation tool for mobile devices that meets the full checklists needed for mobile application testing and is deployed in most of the Fortune 500 companies such are Microsoft, NYSE, Marvell, Click-Software, Cisco and many others. This tool supports all object identification methods and identifies the object by its image recognition, Native ID, text recognition and Web programming language. The tool meets the same security level of expertise in which it is implemented. The tool can conduct the same test on different devices and multiple operating systems.


This tool is an automated functional testing tool from Gorilla Logic, which can record all the actions with an iPhone or i-Pad when they are in use. It can even playback the test script at any time and enables interactive creation playback of scripts. This tool is free and open-source and available on all browser platforms respectively. The tests can be conducted in an automated CI testing environment, suitable for Agile processes.


This tool can be used to test i-OS and Android applications on phones, tablets and real devices.This is an integrated environment for recording, running and customizing, managing test suites etc. The tool represents a breakthrough in its simplicity and power.


This automated testing tool is developed by Smart-Bear Software, which allows the developers to conduct software quality tests. The tests can be manually scripted, created manually with keyword operations, or recorded for automated playback and error logging. The tests can be conducted on different types of applications including – Web, Windows, Flash, Flex, .NET, Silverlight and Java. This tool can be used to create and automate various software test types, record and playback the test creation records.


This is a subsidiary of KeyNote Systems Inc. This provides service for planning, testing and monitoring the performance, functionality, usability and availability of mobile websites and apps. The tool provides an integrated solution for HP’s functional testing and IBM Rational Quality Manager. The Device-Anywhere has 2 tools – 1) Device Planner, to help the developers and businesses to decide which devices and platforms to develop on, and 2) Test Planner, to provide companies with a recommended list of devices for testing their apps. Read More Infosizlopedia
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As you make gold for WOW character, it is possible to level up your profession. You will see reasons for the skills as well as professions involved with creating WOW gold. Each player knows that costly important component to make gold. Without gold, it is hard to advance in game. If you wish to enhance your professions you ought to have proper materials. The materials can promote your profession. You should use your character ability to make a lot of gold. Similar to the fact, you can invest your gold within the auction firm.

In your lower levels, you are able to gather items like gems, made of woll and leather. The items are sellable for gold. They are in big requirement in the auction house. When you have a fishing profession, you are able to fish on the lake. Natural fish can be sold as well as end up being cooked. The make fish works well as foods for the personality. If you have the products, you do not need to get the products. Players could make money by selling their results. Other players require the items to level up their careers.

For instance , the unprocessed trash can be designed into items. Items will sell for more than the recycleables. It is possible to figure out that a crafter can make a lot of cash for WOW character. Crafting will be divided into different types. You can learn the actual Blacksmith, Alchemy and Tailoring. Regardless of what craft career you take, you must practice them. Only when you leveled up your profession, it makes gold for you personally.

The particular crafting profession is not easy to train. In the beginning you will invest money to train your career. But they could make lots of money for you personally in the later on levels. In case you have if you are a00 crafting career, you can art high level items which can sell for any wide range of precious metal. You can observe the ability points to gauge the value of a product. When the skill point of an item is under 150, need not to craft it. Item rich in demand will probably be made welcome.

Besides creating item, it is possible to invest your hard earned money to buy things. The rule would be to buy low then sell high. It really is much like the stock exchange. You can aquire the item launched underpriced then sell it when it recovers in cost. If you wish to generate income in the auction house, you must master this of the marketplace. You should anticipate the best vendor. WOW leveling manual can teach you to level up your figure. After you leveled up your character, it will be possible to produce more platinum.

Skills such as Herbalism can provide unprocessed trash and special things for crafting professions. An Alchemist could make herbs into products which are useful. Potions can also add extra power to players in overcome. Players who wish to win combats will buy potions within the auction firm.

Samsung Galaxy S Vs. S II

The iPhones and Blackberries and HTCs and Droids shook in angst as Samsung set afloat its share to hit the world of smartphones with bright light. It put the all new Samsung Galaxy S in motion with pride, and thus, added a new feather to Android’s already esteemed hat. Speaking of today, even after a year of its launch, the position of Galaxy S remains intact, or actually, has strengthened. Whatever be it, the critics shut their mouths as this phenomenal Samsung treatise beat all other smartphones in the market to death, and wore the crown to triumph. And for those who’re clueless about why am I going so overly gaga about the Galaxy S, here’s the reason – the launch of its second installment,

the Samsung Galaxy S II, to kick the heath up a notch. I mean, come on! Think about it. An already winner has its successor launched in the tech-market to sway away the world with its heart-throbbing features and killer performance. But then, are successors always better? The fact that it is an enhanced version of Galaxy S alone isn’t enough to convince us tech-suckers. Let’s just say, we don’t have enough money to buy both. Now, how to choose between the predecessor and the successor? Let’s assign our jobs today. You stock up on your wallet, while I enlist the features of both. In the end, I leave the decision to you. What say? Deal?

Samsung Galaxy S

It’s christened as the most-loved media phone of the year. Launched in June, 2010, Galaxy S was the highest specification Android smartphone, offering a large 4-inch touchscreen with Super AMOLED display. Well, thank it ‘coz now, you can see extremely crisp images with superb contrast, that too in bright sunlight! What’s more, it owns a superb 5 megapixel camera, and can record good 720p HD quality video clips. The Galaxy S comes with a 2.1 Android OS, which can be upgraded to Android 2.3.4. It deservingly conquered a position amongst the top 10 gadgets of 2010, as listed by the Time magazine. In a nutshell, here’s enlisting all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S:

1GHz Processor

4-inch Screen Size with Super AMOLED display
5 Megapixel Camera with 720p HD video clip recording
Talk Time up to 800 minutes (2G) and 390 minutes (3G)
Android 2.1 OS
8/16 GB Memory, Expandable up to 32 GB (MicroSD card)

Samsung Galaxy S II

If bigger is better, nothing justifies the saying better than the second installment of the Galaxy S series by Samsung. The Galaxy S II comes with a huge, but immensely beautiful, 4.3-inch screen, and despite being bigger than its predecessor, it’s slimmer this time. The big deal about S II is that even when tech-veterans didn’t stop praising the Super AMOLED display of Galaxy S, Samsung put forth Galaxy S II with a Super AMOLED Plus display, giving away an even better resolution, contrast, and colors. What’s more, the availability of a Dual Core Processor in this smartphone makes web browsing extremely fast and better. Lastly, from a decent 5 megapixel camera in Galaxy S, Samsung takes a leap ahead by providing users with an awesome 8 megapixel ‘dual’ camera (2MP front), with a resolution of 1080p! However, the price of this smartphone is greater than that of the Galaxy S. Enlisted below are all key features:

Dual Core Application Processor
4.3-Inch with Super AMOLED Plus Display
8 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash, 2 Megapixel Front Camera, and 1080p resolution video clip recording
Android 2.3 OS
16 GB/32 GB

Samsung Galaxy S vs. S II: Specs Comparison
Features Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S II
Processor S5PC110 1GHz Processor 1.2 GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor
Dimensions 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49 mm
Memory 16 GB/8 GB (Expandable up to 32 GB) 16 GB/32 GB
Camera 5 MP AF 8 MP back with LED Flash, 2 MP front
Operating System Android 2.1 OS (Upgradable up to 2.3.4) Android 2.3 OS

So, Which One to Buy?
The truth is crystal clear. S II is a winner all the way, considering the variety of new features present in it that make it an ideal combination of beautiful looks and impressive brains (well, so the tech-veterans call it). While the absence of flash in Galaxy S was a big disappointment for camera lovers, S II comes with a phenomenal 8 MP camera with LED flash, and a better resolution. More memory for those lovers of multimedia, and of course, a larger screen to experience everything on. While the battery life of both the smartphones is similar, the display of S II is better than Galaxy S any day, thanks to the super AMOLED Plus that brings out the best in S II. However, the only issue here is the price of S II, which is much higher than Galaxy S. The non-carrier bound unlocked version of S II is priced somewhere between $750 – $850, way greater than Galaxy S which comes for a mere $500 (approx. price)! So, if you’re up for some money squander, go, grab the S II in the first place.

The Android market is scorching with Galaxy S II having hit the tech-arena. There’s one thing great about the Galaxy S that it has established a place for itself in the market, and as of today, needs no introduction. Galaxy S II, on the other hand, is new on the block, and requires a while to prove its mettle to tech-lovers. The ultimate solution that I can think of is, if you’re one of those tech-savvies who switch to new phones after every 3 months, switching to the Samsung Galaxy S II would be one of the wisest decisions you could ever take. However, if the money you’re gonna spend on your next phone is a part of your savings, and you want to make sure you don’t end up spending it in the wrong place, stick to Samsung Galaxy S for it’s a safer option in today’s time. Or, if you’ve been reading this review just for fun, and intend to buy a new phone after a few months, wait till the Galaxy S II becomes every tech-sucker’s sweetheart. That’ll be all.
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If leaked images are any indication, don’t expect a lot of changes with the hardware. The Galaxy S IV looks strikingly similar to the S III. Photos that surfaced on a Chinese forum earlier this week revealed a quad-core 1.8GHz processor, 5-inch (1080p) display, 13-megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM. We’ve also heard rumblings that the smartphone will include an Exynos 5 8-core processor, and will run on Android 4.2.2.

A video has also been making the rounds with a feature called Floating Touch, which would allow you to hover your finger over the surface without needing to actually touch it.

Another key feature getting bounced around in the rumor mill is that the Galaxy S IV could include an eye-scrolling feature to make it easier for users to read text, hands-free. Earlier this month, The New York Times said the device will be able to sense eye placement on a page. When it tracks eye movement near the bottom of the screen, the software will scroll down to reveal more paragraphs, the newspaper reported.

But recent reports have quashed these rumors, saying that although this may be a possibility for future smartphones, we won’t see the feature just yet.

Still, the technology may be on Samsung’s mind. The company previously filed for a “Samsung Eye Scroll” trademark in February, as well as a patent for “Eye Pause.” (Update: Another video of the supposed Galaxy S IV has since hit the web, demonstrating how a video will pause if the user looks away).

We could also see the Galaxy S IV come in different colors, or at least a different tint. One teaser trailer shows a little boy who sees the device and says, “It’s my favorite color.”

We could also see the Galaxy S IV come in different colors, or at least a different tint. One teaser trailer shows a little boy who sees the device and says, “It’s my favorite color.”

Samsung is gearing up to unveil its next-generation smartphone, the Galaxy S IV, in New York City on Thursday, a launch that further positions the company as Apple’s biggest competitor.

The Korean electronics giant has created a lot of buzz surrounding the announcement, which will be live streamed online and in Times Square. First, it handed out paper invitations at Mobile World Congress conference last month — a move we’d expect from Apple — by drawing attention away from the show and onto its upcoming launch. Then, the company organized a flash mob.

This will be Samsung’s first time launching a device in the U.S., and not overseas. Hyped by its “Unpacked” marketing campaign, the event will take place at Radio City Music Hall, just blocks away from Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

“We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue [to New York] … as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country,” JK Shin, Samsung Electronics’ mobile division chief, said last month.

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Days leading up to the launch, Samsung has posted a series of teaser trailers — including comments such as, “This is going to be one of the most amazing products to hit the market since TVs went color” — and even tweeted a photo of the smartphone itself. (Well, sort of. It reveals the front view of the rumored Android-based smartphone amid a shadowy background. Read More sizlology
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